He Couldn’t Help But Cry Looking At A Torn-Up Pit Bull.. As The Dog Approached Him..


Some people will claim that pit bulls are generally aggressive dogs, other will oppose that notion. The truth is that no dog is born to be an aggressive creature. The argument that all pit bulls are violent is totally misguided.

You see, a dog takes after their training. We’ve seen some cute pit bulls doing great stuff with babies at home, but some people have developed a craze to use these dogs for their own selfish gains.

Imagine being thrown into an arena and forced to fight your friend to the death. It’s either you or them, and it happens every day. You get accustomed to defending yourself even though you’ve no intention to harm anyone. That’s what happens to these dogs, and Stallone is a good example.

Stallone was rescued from a notorious dog fighting ring. His face was all torn up. He was miserable and in pain. He was in such a bad shape that not even the rescuers could stand it. This guy cried for Stallone. Just watch and see!