He Is Filming His Cat, But Once You Hear The Cat’s Laugh


A liar would want to convince you that cats aren’t that much of curious creatures, but the truth still stands. Cats are the most curious and investigative domestic animals – besides dogs. However, we haven’t been so used to laughing cats!

Anyone who has seen or spent some time with a Siamese cat will narrate stories about their incredible display of joy. Siamese cats like to laugh about funny stuff, and that includes getting filmed. This video is now breaking the internet for that very reason. Laughter!

So this guy has a camera and a cat. He decides that it’s okay to film his cat, but what he probably didn’t expect is his cat finding fun in the whole filming process. Once he trains that camera on the cute little feline, the thing breaks out in laughter!

Forget about anything you know about cat sounds. If you thought a Siamese cat laughs like a little mouse, you are dead wrong. This one here has the sound of a human, and so human that you would have to see it to believe it. Luckily, the video is here!