Cameraman Is Trying to Record an Interview. Horse’s Next Move Has Internet Dying of Laughter


A camera team was on mission to record an interview with a horse breeder in Santiago, Chile. The interview was destined to air on the show “Born to Explore with Richard Wiese.” It looks fun, interesting, and maybe even a pretty easy assignment, right?

However, for cameraman Greg Harriott, that day was nothing but uneventful. He grabbed someone’s attention and love – that someone just turned out to be a horse.

The moment the filming started, Harriott took his position to capture the best shot – that’s when Chunchun the horse made his appearance. This horse was exactly behind where Harriott was filming and couldn’t keep displaying his affection towards Harriott by touching him.
Despite his great efforts to not ruin the shooting, Harriott could’nt help but laughing at the horse’s love towards him. We thank the producer who filmed the entire event as it happened, such a funny encounter. If I was one of the crew, you would hear burst of laughter in the background.

The horse is loving being cheek to cheek with their new crush. The cameraman, Greg Harriott, is trying his best to keep his cool.

When Chunchun starts trying to lovingly nibble on Harriott’s head, he finally turns and tell the horse to stop doing what he’s doing. It was becoming far too distracting to focus on filming the interview. The other horse in the interview was so calm!

After Harriott tries to ignore Chunchun, the horse tries a different strategy— grabbing him by the collar with its mouth!
Once that didn’t work, the persistent horse tried yet another tactic…they must have learned this one from watching one too many romance movies.

How about a gentle nibble on the ear? Maybe that would win the cameraman over.

Although — judging by Harriott’s face, the nibble wasn’t that gentle. Horse’s teeth aren’t sharp but they sure are strong. Not exactly the most romantic thing in the world.

This cameraman deserves an award, or at least a big round of applause, for putting up with such a persistent and touchy equine.

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