Abandoned Kitten Lies In The Yard, Now Watch When A Crow Swoops Down


There are things that no one would ever believe by word of mouth alone, and this one here is something that would make you call someone a liar. But there’s a video to prove it all, and you might still have a hard time believing it!

Anyone who knows anything about cats and crows knows that these two species are supposed to be natural enemies. That’s actually what makes it so hard to explain what’s happening in this video. Fancy a scenario where a crow makes a best friend out of a little cat, and you’ve the picture!

The cat, Cassie, was abandoned by her mom as a little kitty. Life was hard, until Moses the crow found her. Next? I can’t believe this!

Luckily for us, Ann and Wally Collito witnessed the blooming relationship between Moses and Cassie and made sure to record it all. They followed up on it overthe years, and it’s fair to say they were utterly shocked. The crow would feed the cat and play with her every day. It’s so unbelievable!

Even after Ann and Wally finally adopted Cassie, Moses would show up at the door to play. Watch this and fall in love.