Selfless Mom Who Didn’t Cut Her Hair for Over 30 Years, Finally Gets Jaw-Dropping Make-Over


One thing is for certain: You can’t get on The Rachel Ray Show and come out the same. We’ve witnessed lots of people get extreme makeovers and end up looking totally unrecognizable from their usual selves, and now this video is here to prove another point. You can’t miss it!

This is the story of one lady named Mitsy. As a mom, Mitsy knew that her kid’s welfare always came first, so she sacrificed everything to take care of her family. In doing this, she ended up neglecting her own self for decades. Three full decades to be precise!

Her hair grew out to a whole 45 inches that threatened to whip her knees. Something had to be done. Her mom wanted her daughter to experience some change, so she got in contact with Rachel Ray. Next? This will blow you away.

In the video, you watch as Mitsy gets a chance to have a total makeover done on her right in front of the cameras on the show. But that’s not what will shock you more. It’s her look after the session that’ll surely steal your heart. Watch and SHARE!