Family Think Dog Died After Losing Her During Fire. Watch The Tearful Moment They Find Her Amid Rubble


The Northern California wind-driven wildfires have wreaked havoc displacing humans and wildlife. So far, 41 deaths have been reported.

The Weavers of Santa Rosa did not have the chance to follow their 9-year-old dog Izzy when the fire broke out causing the dog to flee. The house was on fire and the scared dog ran away.

It was unsafe to follow the dog without risking their lives. They left their house without their dog.

The family lost all their property and their dog was missing. Kathy Weaver was upset about leaving her dog and no amount of consolation worked. They decided to go back the property and see if they would trace the dog.

The police tried to stop Kathy’s husband and son from accessing the property but they could hear none of it. The two men hiked towards their property and made their way towards the gate.

Thick smoke hung in the air making it hard to see what was left of the property. They called out the dog and moments later, something happens.