Abandoned Dog is Found Whimpering on the Roadside – Now Watch When Rescuer Opens Her Car Door


One day, Judy Obregon was driving around a corner known to be the one place where many dogs are abandoned. Judy works with The Abandoned Ones, but she wasn’t looking for any dogs on this day. Well, she had no idea what she was “walking into!”

Just around the corner was a dog whimpering. Judy spotted the canine and stopped. The moment she opened her car door, the dog came running!

All Callie needed was some love and attention. The dog literally walked up to Judy and put her head in her palm. It was love at first sight. Judy knew she had to take her!

From the look of it, it appeared that Callie was limping a little. It’s probably that she had been roped to a pole. But she is now free. Judy took Callie for a medical checkup and her health turned out okay. The cutie is now in foster care waiting for someone to show up and take her to her forever home. Please watch and SHARE this!