Stray Poodle Lays on The Ground, Sad and Defeated – Then He Meets a Young Boy…


Yankee is a homeless poodle living in the LA streets for a long time. The people in his neighborhood took care of him and fed him the best they could. However, one day the dog appeared to be injured.

Fortunately, Hope for Paws, a rescue organization got wind of Yankee’s story and decided to help. When the rescuers came, they found the dog sticking his head out from an alley with a defeated and sad look on his face.

The rescuers pulled out the leash and the nervous dog started growling at them. Edgar Hagar knew how to deal with the scared dog and managed to put a leash on him.

Moments later, Edgar reached out to him and the dog obliged. Everyone was excited to see Yankee getting the help he needed. They watched as the rescuers loaded the homeless dog to their car as they rode away to the shelter.

Yankee was taken to a vet who matted him. The dog needed a desperate bath but he was healthy. Although he is slightly nervous, the dog realized he was in safe.

One boy taught Yankee to get out of his shell and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The boy’s attention and devotion quickly transformed Yankee into a loving, energetic little dog who loves everything about life and the people in it.