Cat Patiently Waits for His Human to Come Home Every Day. When Owner Drives Up, My Heart Just Melted


Naturally, pets are meant to be loved, and your little creature will always love you right back. In fact, they might even love you more than you do. The kitty featured in this video is one of the nicest creatures you’ll ever see. He’s so smart and lovely!

His name is Tonto, and he seems to have come up with a special routine to welcome his owner back home every time he returns from work. Every time the car pulls up outside the home, the Bengal cat is always waiting right at the gate. He makes sure to climb up the fence to get a better view of everything, and when the owner steps out of the car, the lovely drama begins!

He likes to be greeted and cuddled. He makes sure to lie on top of a post at the gate to give the owner the opportunity to caress his under belly, back, head, and all the other places that make a cat feel good. You can tell that these two really love each other!