She waits for him every morning in the kitchen, now watch who pops out his head through the window


It has been for a long time been said that the best way to receive is actually to give. In the following video that is precisely what happened to this woman, named Phyllis. Life started to get hard for her after she found herself in an abusive marriage. She had no choice but to flee the abusive home. After going through divorce, life became harder for her.

She decided to take refuge in alcohol. She did not know what else to do. Shortly afterwards, she found herself in prison as a result of alcohol abuse. It was while in prison that her life started to take shape again, or at least something happened that turned out to be a blessing.

In prison she was given a day pass to go out to a ranch. While at the ranch, she met a cowboy who introduced a young horse to her. It was a 3-year-old Arabian Stallion. Phyllis immediately felt that she wanted to have him as her pet. She thought of how much it could mean to her to care for it. It then occurred to her to ask the cow boy to keep the horse for her.

She wanted to buy it when she came out of prison. She would have saved $300 by then, which is what it would cost her to buy the horse. Take a moment and watch how the horse changed her life as soon as she started caring for it.