Yorkie is ready for morning walk – Her reaction when she meets snow has everyone rolling in laughter


Some dogs love a change of weather, especially when it’s snowing and white stuff is strewn everywhere. We’ve bumped into numerous videos of canines having their best times in the snow. But is it really the nature of every dog to like playing in the snow? This video will answer that!

Scratch that. Here’s the answer: NO! It’s not always that you’ll see a dog having fun in the snow. In fact, some of those creatures are a little wary of the whole white thing marking their homes. You’ve to see this video to understand that!

So here we’ve this cool owner with a nice dog named Lulu. When a snow storm hit the neighborhood, the owner dressed up Lulu in a nice blue sweater to keep her warm, and then she let her out into the open in the morning. Now you need to see what happens when Lulu steps out of the door and meets the snow. She doesn’t like it any bit.