Bride Invites Her Husband’s Ex to Her Wedding – Stops Everything and Tells Her to stand


I watched this video and I can tell you one thing: Katie Hild will go down in history as the nicest bride to ever do this to her hubby’s ex. Millions of people still can’t believe this actually happened!

Katie met Jeremy and they fell in love. However, Jeremy had a son, named Landon, with his ex, Casey. Casey is now married to Tyler. As a lovely person, Katie had no problems with the situation. She actually came up with a plan to include everyone in her dream life, and she timed it all to kick-off right on her wedding day!

During the wedding, Katie reads her vows to Jeremy, and then she turns around and calls up Casey and Tyler. She proceeds to tell them something that’s got everyone holding their breath in amazement. And she doesn’t stop there!

Watch the video on the next page as Katie stoops down to look Landon in the eye and voice some quite moving commitments. The moment she’s through, the whole congregation goes wild in tears!

I can’t believe this. Such a brilliant beauty!