36 Toy Soldiers Stand in One Line On Stage – Audience Loses It The Moment They Start Moving in Unison


Holiday seasons have been known to be those cool times when people decorate their houses with all sorts of sweet scents and ornaments. You will agree that having a few toy soldiers in the mix is a huge advantage. Who does not want to see the scene of a gallant toy soldier standing at attention right next to a bowl of some delicious snacks.

Perhaps the one move that propelled this toy concept to its current greatness is the “March of the Wooden Soldiers.” You must believe that this kind of stuff has always stolen people’s hearts. Now this clip here is stealing even more!

Presented by Rockettes of Radio City, this scene is nothing like you have ever seen. Watch as the little toy soldiers line up, a cool 36 of them, onstage before a large crowd and start something that soon threatens to bring down the whole house. The group just can’t contain itself while watching the awesome performance.

They march, turn and get shot in perfect co-ordination. Everyone needs to see this! Watch and be sure to SHARE this incredible holiday treat with all your buddies!