Pet Duck Has Cutest Reaction To Seeing His Favorite Little Boy


Many of us were lucky enough as children to have an excited dog greet us when we came home from school, but Jonny has a very different companion that welcomes him home when he gets off the bus. Jonny and his mom, Jamie, have a very special duck named Nibbles that shares a very special bond with this little boy. I would have never thought that a duck would have this much of an attachment to a person, but after seeing Nibbles’ reaction to seeing Jonny for the first time all day, I’ll never think of these birds the same way again!

We’ve shown you before that ducklings make awesome (and very adorable) pets. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have one of these fuzzy cuties swimming around their sink all day? But of course, even the tiniest baby ducks grow up to be adult ducks, and unfortunately, many of them get abandoned when they’re no longer tiny and yellow.

Nibbles is a perfect example of why these wonderful birds deserve forever homes, though. Sure, he may not be as soft and silly as these ducklings that are fascinated by a yo-yo, but he definitely has a ton of personality! I can’t believe how excited he gets over seeing his favorite human. I’d expect this kind of behavior from dogs or cats (ok, maybe not cats), but seeing it come from a duck has put a huge smile across my face!

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