Mom Sacrifices Her Body To Save Her Children’s Lives


Chloe and Annie were only children when it happened; they were on their way to a cabin their parents had rented for a family vacation with their grandparents. In the video below, Chloe and Annie share with us what happened that fateful day when they arrived at a beautiful cabin overlooking a cliff.

The girls reveal the story in silence, detail by detail, on handwritten pieces of paper. As each new slip gets displayed, we learn that the vacation was running smoothly until the adults left the car in order to sign the rental agreement for the cabin. It was just the two girls, ages seven and five, and their three-year-old brother watching from the window. They couldn’t wait to go inside and officially kickstart the vacation.

It was at that moment when, despite their mom having the keys in her possession, the car suddenly knocked into gear and began rolling towards the cliff. Miraculously, and without hesitation, mom sprang into action by jumping in front of the rolling SUV in an attempt to slow it down. The car would not be stopped, however, and they were forced to witness their mother roll under, and then felt the thump of her body below.

Her sacrifice slowed the car down enough for Grandpa to get in to stop the car and save them from rolling off the cliff, but the damage was done. What happened to Mom has to be seen to be believed, so I won’t give away any secrets. You’ll need to watch it for yourself. When it’s over, we’d love to know what you think of Chloe and Annie’s harrowing experience.