They Were Giving This Kitty A Tough Time, But Watch What Happens At :26… I’m DYING


That old tale of rivalry between cats and dogs is one of the first things we learn to be universal truths as little ones. Cats, being the conniving pets that they are, will seize every available opportunity to let their dog friends know who runs the show.

And OK, fine. There are definitely exceptions to the rule, like a video we shared of a Beagle and a Tabby catthat became the best of friends. But in general, there’s a reason that old feud’s become so commonplace. Take for instance the cat that straight up stole her adoptive dog brother’s new chew toy and then taunted him with it (poor fella). Or, if for whatever reason you need more video evidence, we posted a compilation video a while ago of dogs who are so terrified of cats that they will altogether avoid entering a room or crossing a threshold. Rude!

But that’s what makes the below video so funny. Hilarious YouTube narrator Chris Cohen delivers yet another hilarious video remixed with his voiceovers. In the one below, we see two feisty dogs that are trying to enjoy their poolside lounging without the invasive presence of a no-good, rotten cat — and one with an attitude problem to boot! By the end, I was practically in tears from laughing…

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