A Sick Little Boy Told This Country Star His Last Wish


Toby Keith is quickly becoming my new favorite man in Country music!

When Keith first recorded “American Soldier,” a song about a young man leaving for deployment, back in 2003, it was clear that the country crooner had a soft spot for our nation’s military heroes. However, it wasn’t until I recently shared this special moment from one of his shows, during which he gives a military wife the surprise of her lifetime during one of his live performances, that I knew how much he really cares about our troops.

Unlike other celebrities, who make appearances on radio and TV stations to promote themselves but can’t make time to visit American troops, Keith has made numerous trips overseas and even performed for troops in Afghanistan in 2009. “American Soldier” is so well-loved by our military heroes, one wounded warrior even chose this song for his recent performance on Dancing With The Stars.

During a performance in Cleveland, OH, Keith was asked to do a meet and greet with a different kind of hero, a little boy who idolizes Keith and our military. Thanks to the amazing group The Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Country singer invited 10-year-old Trevor Scott to meet him backstage, and when the tiny fan asked Keith if he could join him on stage to perform his favorite song, “American Soldier,” there was no way he could turn him down.

Three days after his once-in-a-lifetime duet, Scott underwent a liver transplant that saved his life. If this special performance doesn’t make your heart sing, I don’t know what will!

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